Jana Marji

I'm a 17-year-old with a general tendency towards diverse literary/artistic domains, and I believe writing is a powerful mean of communication that should…
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rony drasson

Montasirul Islam

My name is Rony and I am a full-time content manager in Drasson who specializes in content management and on-page seo. I have…
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Hi, my name is Julia and I live in Russia. I’m a full time content writer at Drasson and also teach English in…
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nour naim

Nour Naim

Hello, this is Nour Naim from Lebanon studying Architecture. I'm working as Lead Content Writer for HDV, a sister concern of Drasson. I…
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Aishwarya Sharma


I am Aishwarya Sharma, a full-time content writer at Drasson. I have passion for writing and have been in this field for more than…
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My name is Helen, and I have specialised in content writing working for Drasson for quite a long time. I am a native…
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kowshik drasson

Kowshik Chowdhury

Hi, this is Kowshik, content manager and Wordpress developer at Drasson. Publishing articles on various topics in the web is always exciting to…
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